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Rob Ritchie has become a constant exhibitor in recent years and his skill has quickly established for him a large following. Born in London in 1965, Rob Ritchie showed great artistic ability from a very early age but after leaving school circumstances compelled him to do a variety of jobs to make a living. His painting remained a spare time activity until 1993 when he decided to make it his full time career, working from a converted attic.
Rob Ritchie received no formal training and is completely self-taught, although much influenced by the Old Masters. His natural flair and artistic ability quickly blossomed and led to a successful career. Rob Ritchie’s chosen subject matter is still life and his preferred medium is oil. He paints to a very high standard with meticulous attention to detail and a rare command of light. Rob Ritchie’s work possesses an appeal which is timeless, combining a harmony of colour, shadow and composition.
Exhibitions in London have been received with acclaim and Rob’s recent work in miniatures has earned him recognition and special awards from both the Royal Miniature Society and the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists. His work is collected in over 45 countries worldwide including Saudi Arabia, Japan, The Seychelles, Bermuda, Paris, Beverley Hills, New York etc.