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Born in Derbyshire in 1959, Nick Potter started to draw and paint from an early age, before going on to complete a degree in Archaeology which led him to pursue a short career in teaching followed by working at an educational publishers in Leicestershire. It was after moving to the Leicestershire countryside that Nick developed a love for landscape painting fuelled by the beauty of his new surroundings, finally establishing himself as a full-time professional painter.

Now living in Northumberland just yards from the sea, Nick paints in a studio in his garden whilst listening to audio books. Working mainly in acrylics, loving their versatility, he paints quickly using brushes, palette knives and other tools, creating texture, dribbles, splatters and scrapings. He paints on board, canvas, mount board and paper and also paints with oils, watercolour, acrylic inks and mixed media. Nick regularly visits the Lake District, Cornwall and Scotland where he captures the wild landscapes in his paintings.

Nick Potter exhibits his distinctive work throughout the UK is in many collections internationally.