"I grew violas this summer for the first time, what a long lasting display they give. So naturally I selected a couple and while listening to Classic FM the title came. Whistler used musical terms to title some of his work but I don’t know when another musical title will be appropriate……"           Tim Gustard

"A friend of mine loaned me the collectible toy circus set and it has been in my studio for a few months now on the shelf crying out to be made into a little story. I bought a collection of zoo animals and invented a tale whereby the circus procession falls apart as the tigers’ cage door slides open and the two beasts escape. The first tiger sits in front of the lit match, deciding its next move with its hot breath pushing into the flame.  The ringmaster using all his skills to regain control of the situation as the giraffe looks on."              Andrew Talbot

"I think I subconsciously desire to live anywhere where people are willing and feel safe to leave an honesty box out for passers by to purchase their goods. Whether it's in the windswept peninsulas of western Ireland, the Hebrides or even the quiet corners of the Lakes or Dales, it somehow lifts the spirits to see that people can trust their fellow human beings to be honest.  This still life was set up outside our home in front of a lovely Acer tree which was at its best turning into its autumn shades. Susie’s mum inspired me with the Quail eggs on the straw as she sells them in a similar way in County Kerry. The Victorian trug came from my favourite antique shop nearby, it is loaded with the shiny apples. The amber glowing Bowland honey was bought locally too, made by bees feeding on the fell heather. The special little money box was found at auction. I was drawn to its bright statement colour, contrasting with the peeling label and chipped paint."                Andrew Talbot

"The full title is ‘Benjamin Bunny set off at once after Tommy Brock’. This is from ‘The Tale of Mr Tod’ who is a fox and Tommy Brock plays some very naughty tricks on Mr Tod giving the children who read it some rather mischievous ideas."      Tim Gustard


"I had the idea of painting an onion with the skin beside it and calling it ‘Where’s me shirt?’ Marion was preparing dinner and came down to the studio with a big smile saying ‘look at this’ so I did."         Tim Gustard

"This beautiful weigela is so reliable; ‘Bristol Ruby’ is the variety I believe. Covered in ruby red blossoms every spring and then just as the weather starts to turn at the end of September it just has one last try, much as many shrubs do, and produces a last couple of flowers so I couldn’t resist trying to paint it."         Tim Gustard

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