Peter Symonds

Although he was born in 1964 in the south of England where he still lives, Peter Symonds has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with the Lake District. He started painting professionally at the age of 22, having graduated from Leicester University and is now ranked by experts as possibly the finest of his generation of landscape painters.

Peter Symond’s rare talent for capturing light and mood give the viewer of one of his paintings the feeling of actually “being there”. Bright sunshine or partial shade on the Lakeland fells, water shimmering in the sunlight, misty valleys or bright blue skies are all used to dramatic effect; the warmth of summer or the chill of winter provide a built-in climate. No less an authority than David Shepherd has described the quality of Peter’s landscapes as “unmatched”.
Working exclusively in oils, he draws inspiration from some of the great traditional artists and in particular by painters of the Newlyn School who lived in Cornwall a century ago. Peter Symond’s work moves beyond mere topographical accuracy and his fluid, exquisite brushwork together with his use of tone and light bring the finished painting to life. Although one experiences the impression of intricate detail, closer inspection reveals that this is something of an illusion, such detail as there is being conveyed with the minimum of fuss. It is finely observed and perfectly lit, but never overworked.
Beckstones have enjoyed a long relationship with Peter Symonds and his work is in many important collections around the world. Peter's biennial exhibitions since 2006 regularly sell out within the hour at Beckstones. Buyers slept all night in their cars outside the gallery to be sure of getting their chosen paintings. Peter's next solo exhibition at Beckstones will be held from October 10th to October 18th 2020.

Additional Info

  • Media Oil on canvas
  • Price Range £1,000 - £2,000
  • Subject Matter Landscape
  • Size 10 x 12"
  • Price £1,750

Additional Info

  • Media Oil on canvas
  • Price Range £3,000 and over
  • Subject Matter Landscape
  • Size 12 x 22"
  • Price £4,250


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