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Gudrun Sibbons was a constant exhibitor at Beckstones Art Gallery for more than thirty years. She had an enormous reputation and a truly world-wide following. Born in Germany in 1924, Gudrun Sibbons was a medical student until the war intervened and she fled to England. She had painted since childhood but only began painting seriously during the 1950’s and some of her well known early clients included David Niven and Erroll Flynn, helping to make her an instant success. Her work featured in numerous exhibitions. Gudrun Sibbons always painted landscapes, working in oils, in a distinctive continental style having been influenced by the Dutch Masters. A typical Gudrun Sibbons scene may contain a marine or coastal or river setting, often with fishing overtones and Dutch backgrounds, sailing boats and colourful figures. Other times it may be a pastoral farming background with haystacks, horses and dogs. Gudrun Sibbons’ work was full of drama with powerful skies and breathtaking light reminiscent of Turner and can have a powerful emotional, even spiritual impact. It is not surprising that it is widely sought after and features in numerous collections around the world.