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Geoff Butterworth FRSA, BWS was born in Lancashire in 1952. After leaving school, he trained in engineering and was a fabricator for seven years but this ended abruptly in 1974 when he was involved in a serious motorbike accident where he almost lost a leg. During a long and painful three and a half year convalescence, Geoff Butterworth developed his interest in painting.

As a truly talented artist, his paintings are remarkable for their detail and accuracy.  Working in watercolour in a style that Geoff calls ‘photo-realism’, he has a wonderful sense of light, colour and perspective and is able to produce shadows that are hard or soft, brilliant light or great depths of darkness, and a most realistic feeling of heat or cold.

Geoff Butterworth’s fine pictures belie the fact that he is self-taught.  His inspiration comes from studying villages and countryside with a photographic eye. His work is elegant and sophisticated, yet honest and accessible.

His images are known throughout the world but it is in this country that he has accomplished the most.  Achievements during his career include winning the Best Picture award at the British Society of Painters Exhibition for three consecutive years.  Geoff Butterworth was elected to join The Royal Society of Arts and The International Guild of Artist’s. He has subsequently been made an Associate of the British Watercolour Society as a result of the consistent high quality of his work.