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Eileen Clark was born in Cumbria. She spent much time as a child walking in the mountains and by the lakes with her parents and brother, and visiting her grandparents’ home, a cottage overlooking Lake Windermere. Encouraged by her family Eileen Clark began oil painting at an early age. Having studied Fine Art at Leeds University she went on to teach, but in 1994 she decided to develop her own ethereal interpretation of the English Lake District. For the last fourteen years Eileen Clark has worked in oil on canvas and board, using small brushes to capture detail and glazes to enrich colour. Careful studies of light on water and moving skies have led to her evocations of the ever-changing moods of mountain landscapes, from sublime summers to harsh unforgiving winters. Recent exhibitions of Eileen Clark’s work have embraced both the rich quiet pastures of the Langdales and the rugged beauty of the Northern Fells. Working on canvas and canvas board, often with small brushes and thin layers of paint, she has developed an atmospheric style relying largely on her careful studies of the effects of light on water. Her ambition is to capture the “timeless quality” of the Lakes and she hopes to share, through her paintings, her belief in their power to inspire, rejuvenate and heal. Eileen Clark has a great love of being on and around water and thanks to her husband and son is able to spend much time on the lakes, gathering sketches and material for her paintings.